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San Nicolo' Di Comelico, Belluno (BL), Veneto, 32040
Scenes from San Nicolo' Di Comelico

Send us photos of the Town
Mandateci le foto del Comune
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Sounds of San Nicolo' Di Comelico

English Garbage
Italian Immondizia

English Knee
Italian Ginocchio

English Firefly
Italian Lucciola

English Ear
Italian Orecchio

English Bucket
Italian Secchio

English Spoon
Italian Cucchiaio

English Fork
Italian Forchetta

English Girl
Italian Ragazza

English Cucumber
Italian Cetriolo

English Boy
Italian Ragazzo

English Proverb
Italian Proverbio

English Parsley
Italian Prezzemolo

English Proverb1
Italian Proverbio1

English Knife
Italian Coltello

English Carrot
Italian Carota

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